Membership Registration

Terms and Conditions:
1. Membership is non-transferable.
2. At any time, the company shall have the right in the case of without prior notice to cancel membership.
3. Personal data terms: your membership requirements: we respect your privacy, and abide by the provisions of the Hong Kong personal data (privacy) ordinance.Thank you provide us with personal information, your personal information will be confidential.You provide us with personal information that you agree with us to this plan, and the purpose of our services and products related (such as special offers, after-sales support, statistical investigation, research, direct marketing, marketing, public relations and promotion), in Hong Kong and these data collection, use, storage, processing, and data will be sent to us in the domestic and overseas on the purpose to help us deal with data bear confidentiality responsibility, commitment to abide by the terms and conditions and service suppliers, partners or promotion activities research institutions.You shall have the right to query, revise or correct about your personal data held by us, please send email to receive a copy of the documents we will not be returned.
4. The company holds all the terms and conditions of the final say.
5. After inform the members, the company has the right to change the terms and conditions.
6. The above terms and conditions in English and Chinese writing, if there are any differences or conflict in meaning between the English and Chinese, the English version shall prevail.